Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spring Fishing Blues

Lately I have been itching for some open water fishing. So I was looking through some pictures form last summer when I was up at Black Bear Lodge in Ontario Canada, and I came across this picture of 36" northern I caught. I know that that is not a very big northern, but it is the biggest one I have ever landed.

The day I caught this northern we fished in the morning, and caught some walleye but not many. So we went back for lunch. after lunch my partner did not want to go back out, so I went in the boat alone and met with some guys from our group about seven miles from camp. we where fishing a drop off that went from 28' to 52'. We where using night crawler harnesses set to float about a foot off the bottom. Every once and awhile we would pull up a walleye. I was back trolling and all of the sudden my line was screaming. It almost ran me out of line three times, I had to chase that fish with the boat. after about a half hour I finely was able to land the fish with one hand.

The fish wade 11 pounds, and I only had 8 pound test line and no leader. So I am proud of this fish even if it is not the biggest fish.


  1. You got mine beat! My northern weighed 10 lbs. caught in the Rice River area near Lake Minnitaki in Ontario. But it was the biggest fish caught all week and won me $20.

  2. Deer Killer; I 've caught chain pickerel in Florida around five to seven pounds and they did give a good fight but here in Tennessee I normally fish for bass, catfish, crappie, stripe, gar and carp. Gar and carp are for sport only although I have tried carp and they taste kind of like bass, I prefer bass over carp.