Friday, November 13, 2009

I messed up

On Wednesday afternoon I went out bow hunting. My stand is only about 70 yards away from the property line of the property where the potential world record typical deer was taken last week. I was out for about 15 minutes when a nice heavy racked 10 pointer came and walked to about 15 yard from my stand I grunted to make it stop and let the arrow fly.

But like I said I messed up, I put my 20 yard pin right on the deer and the deer was at 15 yards. Normally that wouldn’t have made much of a difference, because my bow shoots about three inches high at 15 yards with my 20 yard pin at a target that is at the same height, but I was 20 feet higher than the deer when I shot, so when I shot the deer I hit it just under the spine.

The deer ran about 20 yards and then started to walk so I started to grunt to see if I could get it to stop again so that I could get another arrow in him, but he didn’t stop. So I watched him walk off. And then I heard something right behind me so I looked back and there was a really nice 8 pointer. I must have called him in while trying to get the other one to stop. He walked right under me and then walked off.

I waited a half hour before I got out of my stand to fined the blood trail and see how hard he was bleeding. When I found the blood trail it was just as heavy as the last deer I shot and I shot that one through both lungs and the heart. So I was really hoping I had a good hit. I went back to my stand and called my dad and he came out to help track. By the time we started to fallow the blood trail it was two hours since I had shot it. We started to follow the blood trail slowly so that if he was bedded down we could hopefully sneak up on him if he was still alive.

The blood trail was really heavy for the first 200 yards and than started to slow. We trailed him for just under a mile when came to ware he came to a river. And we could not pick up on the trail any ware on the other side of the river. What we think happened was that he laid down in the river just long enough to stop the bleeding, and go on his way and find somewhere to lay down and most likely die.

Good Hunting,


Monday, September 21, 2009

My First Bow Deer

"I placed my sight pin accordingly and I let the arrow fly"

On Saturday I went out bow hunting for the second time this year. I got out to my stand at about 2:00 pm. The woods where quiet until 4:00 and then a group of two bucks and four does came through the woods. They where around for about 15 minutes before finely heading on their way. For the rest of the day deer kept filtering their way through the woods. I even had a porcupine (which I have never seen here before) came through the woods.

And at 7:00 I finely had a doe came into bow range in a pretty good clear part of the woods, but it had its vitals behind a tree. So I held my bow at full draw until the deer walked out from behind the tree. I estimated the yardage at 30 yards, and when the deer walked out from behind the tree, I placed my sight pin accordingly and I let the arrow fly. Since hunting hours on Saturday closed at 7:13 it was pretty dark by the time I shot it, so when I shot, I saw the lighted nock on my arrow fly through the air, hit the deer and then come out the other side.

After I shot it I watched it run off and sat in my in stand for 20 minutes so I would not jump the deer if it where close by. Then I got out of my stand and found my arrow because it had the lighted nock. The arrow was nice and soaked with blood. Since I forgot to bring a flashlight when I went out to my stand, I went back to my truck to see if I had a flashlight in it, on the way back I saw 5 more deer; all together I saw 16 deer total. When I got to my truck it did not have a flashlight in it, so I went home for a flashlight and some supper.

I went back out at 8:30 with a friend to look for it. We went to where I shot the deer and found blood right away, so we started to follow the blood trail. The trail was easy to follow as there was a pretty steady trail of blood. Then we found it only about 40 yards from where I shot it. When we got there I found that the arrow hit right where I had intended for it to, since the deer was quartering away I placed the arrow behind the ribs so that it would angle up into the chest cavity, so that it would have the biggest wound channel in the vital area as possible. Then we took some pictures, and then gutted it. When gutting it I found that I got both lungs and the heart when I shot it. Then on Sunday we cut it up and put it in the freezer

This is not the first deer I shot with the bow, but it is the first one I have recovered. Last year I shot I nice big 8 pointer. It laid down 3 times after I shot it then I trailed for 3 ½ miles and lost the trail. I spent several hours trying to pick up the trail again but was never able to. I know this one is not a very big deer but it was a yearling which makes the best eating.

I'll be having some for supper tonight.

Good Hunting,


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bow Season is Finely Here

Yesterday was the opening day of Wisconsin’s bow deer season. I went out in the afternoon because I had to work in the morning. I got out to my stand at about 2:00pm.

After I got out to my stand it was quiet until about 3:00, and then 5 squirrels started to run all around and play, I even had one fox squirrel clime on halfway onto the seat of my treestand. At about 4:00 a raccoon walked thru and all the squirrels ran off, and then about ten minuets later a red fox walked thru and while I was watching it, it walked right past a deer.

At first I couldn’t tell whether or not it was a buck or a doe but as the deer came closer and more out of the brush I could see that it was a doe. A doe is what I wanted to put some meat in the freezer, I wasn’t going to shoot a buck unless it was a huge buck, and I know that there are some around I have seen a couple nice 10 pointers around and there is at least one 12 pointer around. That doe came within 40 yards but never came out of the brush enough to give me a shot.

That doe hung around for about a half hour and then walked off. It wasn’t long after that one left that five more deer came in. there were 3 adult does and 2 yearling does. They all came within 40 yards one even came to about 20 yards, but I was never presented with a opportunity to take a shot that I was shore that I could have a clean kill. They walked around the woods eating until about 5:30. And then the squirrels came back but there were about 15 of them, and I hunted until 6:00 because I had to be some ware by 6:30. All and all it was a awesome opening day of bow seoson.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time to Dust Off that Shotgun and Get Ready for Goose Season

With goose hunting in Wisconsin starting September 1st, its time to get out that shotgun and do some practice. Practice can make the difference between cleanly killing and harvesting a bird, and crippling one, or even missing all together.

I know that you have probably been shooting trap all summer, but you need to shoot at different angles from different positions. This will help you recognize different situations in the field and how to react to it.

If you hunt over decoys, it’s a good idea to set up your decoys and have the clays set so they land in the decoy spread like they are geese landing into your decoys. One thing to remember is that pieces of broken clay are going to be flying around, so I am going to say, do not do this without safety glasses. It will also be good Idea to not set up your good decoys because pieces of broken clay can damage your decoys. This can be vary fun and great practice if you do it right.

Practicing from your blind in your full hunting gear so you get use to the feel and positions you use when you hunt. This is probably the most important thing to do when practicing your shooting for your hunt.

Patrice at home before the season opens is a good idea because you cripple fewer birds, and it cheaper to practice at home with trap load and clay targets that cost $0.23 a shell, than in the field shooting at geese with shells that cost $1.00 a shell.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Polls are Closed

On the 1st the poll What is your favorite kind of fresh water fish to fish for? Closed. There where 5 votes thank you for everybody that voted, and here are the results.

Walleye- 2 (40%)

Northern- 0 (0%)

Musky- 0 (0%)

Trout- 0 (0%)

Small Mouth Bass- 1 (20%)

Large Mouth Bass- 1 (20%)

Salmon- 0 (0%)

Pan Fish- 1 (20%)

Crappie- 0 (0%)

Other- 0 (0%)

This month’s poll is What is what is the kind of hunting your most looking forward to?

I’m Back

Sorry that I took so long to post anything here, I have been very busy for the last month and I never took the time to let you know that I would be a while before I could post again, and for that I am very sorry. As of right know I am still pretty busy but I am going to try to start posting on a regular basis’s. So sorry again and bear with me while I try to get posting again on some kind of regular basis’s.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Polls are closed

On Wednesday the poll Did You Get a Turkey this Spring? closed I would have to say that I was hoping that more people had better luck than me this spring. There were 14 people who voted hear are the results.

Did not get one- 9 (64%)

1- 1 (7%)

2- 0 (0%)

3+- 0 (0%)

Did not Hunt- 4 (28%)

Did not pull a tag (for places that- 0 (0%)
have a drawing for turkey tags)

This months poll is What is your favorite kind of fresh water fish to fish for?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

stealing posts!

Albert at the Rasch Outdoor Chronicles has found that someone has been stealing post from OBS bloggers. The two blogs that he has found are just full of posts from blogs like Whitetail Woods, The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles,and others. I have no problem with posting someone else's post on your blog as long as you have their permission, and link back to the original post. From what I gather they have done neither of those. For more information I have Albert's Post linked hear.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bow Season Prep Starts Now

Now is the time to get everything ready for bow season. Although I spend all year looking for deer sine and potential stand sites, I really start to kick it in to gear about now. I will go and really see if any thing has changed from last year and get an idea of how the deer are traveling. Deer will bed during the day and feed at night, the idea is to catch them from their way to and from these two points.

Before I go out to a potential new hunting spot I will look at it on Google Earth and get an idea of the lay of the land. I try to get an idea of where might be the best places to hunt so I can maximize my time out in the field. When I am looking at it, I look for potential bedding areas, potential feeding areas, hills, valleys, water and anything else that might effect how the deer will move thru the area that I am planning to hunt.

Deer are lazy, they will take the path that is the easiest for them. Because of this they will take valleys and ridges as much as possible. Look at almost every valley there will almost always be a deer trail down the middle of it, the likewise will be for the ridges. A deer trail is a path that is used by deer on a regular bases, the result is lack of vegetation on the path that they take, making a highway thru the woods.

When I am out in the woods scouting things that I will look for are, bedding areas, feeding areas, valleys, deer trails, tracks, droppings, exedra. I feel the most important thing to finding the place to put your stand is to find the most traveled trail between bedding and feeding. Look at the tracks in the trail most of them will be in the same direction. So if the tracks in the trail are facing away from bedding and toward feeding, you can assume that a stand placed on this trail will be most productive in the evening. The same will go for if the tracks where facing bedding will be most productive in the morning.

Now is the time to go over your tree stands and equipment and make shore that it all in working order. Sound proof the tree stands and any other gear that might make noise in the woods. If you use any lubricants make shore that you use one that will work at all temperatures. Some lubricants can make it even noisier than if you didn’t use any at all in cold temperatures. Even thou the cold weather is a long time out, you don’t want to take time that to mess with your stands in the middle of hunting season. I personally don’t lubricate my stands because of the varied of temperatures that I hunt in. In early season it can be in the 80’s a lot of the time, but I have been out bow hunting when it was in the 90’s. In late bow season I have been out in when it has been in the -20’s.

Practice shooting your bow, if you don’t everything else you do will be in vain. Practice at a low poundage and focus on form and shooting consistently. After the season in early winter I will drop my poundage on my bow to about 55lb. than I practice all year and about this time of year I will start to increase the poundage back up to 70lb. Make shore you know your effective range of not only your bow but your shooting ability. I feel that my effective range right now is 50 yards, and unless it is a really nice shoot that I know that I can hit it and kill it I will not take the shot.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Polls are closed

Last night the poll Who Makes The Best Riflescope? came to a close. Thank you everyone who voted, I greatly appreciate your input. I gess the results didn't surprise me much, but I didn't think that they would so one sided. So hear are the results of Aprils poll.

12 (100%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)

This months poll will be Did You Get a Turkey This Spring?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog Spotlight: The Rash Outdoor Chronicles

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles is written by Albert A Rasch. He wrights about everything that has to do with the outdoors, from his great hunting stories to his insightful product reviews. Albert doesn't just wright, his word choice really gets his point across to his readers. He also uses previews in his posts to intice the curiosity of his readers, like this one he used in his post Hunting Hogs on Horseback.

"I reached into my pocket and pulled a chocolate brown, plastic cased, thumb thick shell and dropped it into the ten gauge's chamber..."

This one really got me wanting to read the post.

Albert also does awesome series like Project "X" : Building Blake's Pirogue. In this series Albert writes about a home made Pirogue he was building and the process of how he built it. He also has sparked some great
discussions on some of his posts. My favorite discussion so fare is the discussion over high fence hunting, in his post Game Reserves, Preserve Hunting, High Fence Hunting, What are the Facts?.

Rasch Outdoor Chronicles is definitely one for you to put on your reading list.

Monday, May 18, 2009

a Busy Weekend

This weekend was pretty busy. Saturday was the last day of 4H archery for the year. I ran a station in the woods at 2D animal targets. we shot all day, and had Johnsonville Brats and hamburgers for supper. it was a great time and every one had fun.

Yesterday I went to shoot state for high school trap. we shot 4 rounds of trap in a row, we went from one trap house to another. It was windy and every one on the team shot bad yesterday. I ended up with a 83 out of 100, compared to last weekend I shot a 91 out of 100. After we shot we grilled brats and hamburgers for lunch in the parking lot of the trap range with the hole team. After lunch a cupel of us went and shot some sporting clays. For those of you who don't know what sporting clays are, sporting clays is as close to hunting as you can get with clays. There are stations set up normally in the woods and heavy cover. And the targets are all sorts of different sizes and colors, throne at all sorts of angles, hights, and distance's, there is also a rabbit target that is a clay target throne on its side to make it role and bounce on the ground. There are stations that you have to shoot singles and stations that you have to shoot doubles. Sporting clays are normally 50 targets a round. My favorite station was one that had a rabbit angle away and a small bird angle in as a double. Out of everyone that shot sporting clays I was the high gun and I only had a 35 out of 50, but I did shoot at the last 10 targets with the gun over my head. The funny thing is that one of the guys that shot with us normally shoots 25 out of 25 wen he shoots trap and he ended up with a 19 out of 50 at sporting clays. sporting clays is allot of fun and I recommend that if you ever get the chance to shoot them that you do so, because it is allot of fun and great practice of hunting.

Sorry that I do not have any pictures I forgot the camera both days.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finely some fish

Today I grabbed my ultra-light and went fishing on the mullet river. The mullet river is a nice little river between 30 and 40 feet wide in most spots. I spent about a hour and a half fishing, and I caught 12 fish, 9 Rock bass, 2 Small Mouth bass, and 1 chub. I used a size 8 hook with a twister tale with a split-shot about 5 inches up on the line. This setup works good on the river because you can drag the split-shot across the bottom and rocks and the twister tale will float about 2 inches above the bottom.

Sorry I forgot the camera so no pictures.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slow Start to the Fishing Season

Saturday was the fishing opener, altho panfish and ruff fish are open all year round. I have been out a few times but no luck so far. I found out that I need to look at one of my reels the bail kept closing on me in mid cast, I lost 3 lures because of this. So I have to take look at my at the reel one of these days. All and all it has been nice to get out even thou I did not catch any thing yet, the wether has been worm and vary nice out.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Polls are closed

last night Aprils poll closed. the question was, Do you think that baiting deer should be banned? There where 15 people who voted. Here are the results of the poll.
8 (53%)
7 (46%)

Thank you for everyone who voted, your input is greatly appreciated. This months poll is Who makes the best riflescopes? If you choose other I would like to hear what it is so leave a comment here to let let me know. In fact if you ever want to comment on a poll go to the last polls are closed post and comment.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grouping the .22

The other day I sighted in my .22, and today I thought I would shoot a box of 50 shells In a target and see what kind of pattern I got. So I put up a target at 60 yards, and set up a shooting bench. There was about a 15 mph side wind so the bullets drifted left. The target is about 4 inches across. Not bad for a rifle that all I paid is 90 dollars for. I didn't know that a .22 could group like that. I wander what kind of group I could shoot if I put more money in to a .22?
Click on the image to enlarge, then you can see the target just to the right of the tree at the edge of the grass on a blue piece of foam that I staple targets to.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Badge Help

I am having trouble putting the badge code up as a display on the post, it keeps showing it as a link. Does any one know how to help me?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Turkey Hunting Comes to Close

Today my turkey hunting season ended with a empty tag. the last two days have been Thunder Storming so I did not go hunting yesterday or today. We have got about 3 1/2 inches of rain in the last to days.

Having had extra time this weekend I made a header and a badge for my blog. If any one want to have the badge on there blog her is the code. I cut the code in half so it would fit so wen you put it in the html/javascript you will have to where it goes from AAAAA to AAAAD4 put it together in order for it to work. let me know if it works for you and how you like the header and the badge.
Hunting Wisconsinheight="200"
AAAAD4/emX4qgdF3bM/S220/Hunting+Wisconsin+badg.jpg"/ />

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Turkey Hunt Update Day 3

Sorry that I didn't post this last night but I was tired and went to bed.

I got setup by about about 5:00 yesterday morning. their isn't much to say about yesterday, I didn't see any turkeys. It was 80 degrees about 9:00, that was very hot to sit in. the fist to day it never got over 45 degrees. I stopped hunting at 11:00 and went home and got some my brothers and sisters and went fishing at a pond on the property I was hunting on.We didn't catch anything in the pond, so we walked down to the river that is about
75 yards away from the pond. At the river they caught some chubs. We spent the rest of the day fishing.

There was fish in the pond because I saw one. But there are quit a few turtles in the pond. Yesterday I caught a snapping turtle that was about 18 inches across, at the edge of the pond. I put him in the river.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turkey Hunt Update Day 2

I got set up in the field at about 5:00 this morning. The first cupel hours hunting was pretty quite at about 8:00 I hadn't seen a turkey yet and didn't hear much all morning and I had to go pee so I got out of my pop up blind relieve myself and but wen I zipped up and turned around, It Happened Agin. There was a hen about 70 yards, so I suck back into the blind. Luckily it didn't spook.

As Othmar Vohringer said in my last post:"Now that right there is funny because something like that happened to me a few years ago"

I guess if it happens to days in a row that must make it hilarious. About
15 minuets later 4 hens and a tom came out into the field. I was able to call two of the hens into my decoys and keep them there for about 5 minutes, but the tom followed the other to hens and I was not able to even get him to stop with my calling. I didn't see anything the rest of the day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turkey hunt update

I got in and set up at about 4:45 this morning, the turkeys where already gobbling even thou shooting hours did not start until 5:25. I saw my first turkey a hen at about 5:40. It was 8:45 and I hadn't seen anything sense then and I had to pee so I got up and walked about 5 yards and went, but wen I turned around and there was a tom at about 60 yards out in the field. He saw me turn around and started to run around trying to figure out ware to run so I went and grabbed my gun and took a shot! I MISSED! If only I had sat for 5 minutes longer he would have came right in to my decoys. I sat the rest of the day and saw one more hen at about 1:00. Shooting hours were done at 7:45 so I figure that I hunted 15 hours today. After shooting hours were done I sat at a pond on the propriety I was hunting on until it was completely dark. This pond is kinda in the woods and about 1/2 an acre, and wen I was sitting there for Wood Ducks came landed right in front of about 10 feet out, that maid the hole day worth it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Geared up for Turkey Season

I spent most of the day today getting ready for turkey hunting. My 5 day turkey season starts tomorrow. I am still not shoer where I am going to hunt in the morning, I have a couple of places in mind I will make the final diction in the morning. I will try to make a progress report post at night the next couple days.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Google Earth as a Tool

Google Earth can be a very useful tool for the outdoorsmen and outdoorswoman. Whether you hunt or hike if you use it right it a grate way to help plan your trip. I am going to tell how you can use it to your advantage.

Google Earth is a digital global map of the world. It uses aril photographs and satellite imagery to form a map. Google Earth also utilizes the ability to have to have terrain in 3D. From mountains to the smallest hills are visible. This forms a map that isn’t only round and flat but is allot like the real earth.

You can use it to keep track of your stands and other points of interest.

You can plan your path in or a hike by placing your path on the image. this is a hike I planed in the Peshtigo River State Forest.

You can also see the whether on it.

This is just an over view of all you can do with it. Google Earth is a grate tool to use in addition to the rest of the your other navigational tools such as your compass and topo maps. Google Earth is a free download at

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why I Joined the Outdoor Bloggers Summit

I joined the OBS (Outdoor Bloggers Summit) to connect to other outdoor enthusiast and learn from other people on hunting, fishing, and just blogging because I am fairly new to blogging (my first post was on December 30, 2008). The OBS also has a grate wealth of blogs linked on the sight. You can find blogs on anything that has to do with the outdoors from outdoor photography to falconry. I am vary happy with my choice to join the OBS. I strongly recommend joining the OBS if you aren't already a member, and if you haven't been to the OBS sense april 2ed you should visit them now at the new sight is grate they aren't restricted to a single slide page like this one, it has new grate look as well.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Baiting Question

The Baiting question has been kicked around for a couple of years now. In Wisconsin there are some management zones that you can bait for deer, and some you cant. Most of the zones that you can’t bait in are zones that CWD (chronic wasting disease) has been found in, and the zones around them. But lately the state has been talking about banning baiting deer in the whole state. If this goes thru the only animal that you will be able to bait in Wisconsin is bear.

Baiting can be a vary effective way to hunt your desired game. There are many different ways to bait, and their many types of bait to use depending on the game you wish to hunt. The most common game animal baited is probably deer with corn or apples.

I am writing this to see what you guys and gals think about the subject. Do you think that baiting should be band? Should you only be able to bait only certain game animals? And what should we consider baiting, should we consider food plots baiting?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poles are Closed

Last night at midnight the poll How Many Yards Will You Take A Shot At A Deer With A Bow? closed, there where 10 people voted here are the results.
Up to 25
2 (20%)
Up to 35
5 (50%)
Up to 45
1 (10%)
Up to 55
1 (10%)
1 (10%)

Thank you for every one who voted. I am going to have these poles as a monthly polls. These polls will always close at midnight on the last day of the month. This months poll is going to be Do you think that baiting deer should be band? Yes or No.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

4-H Archery

I am a youth leader for the Counties 4-H archery project. The County has 85 kids in the archery program. It's grate to see the program growing last year there where 53 kids in the program, and for years ago there wasn't a program at all. Today was the first day of shooting. It was a grate time, even if I only had time to shoot 3 ends of arrows (that is 15 arrows, 5 arrows an end) at the end of the day. I spent the rest of the day coaching.

It was fun watching and helping everyone shoot. Everyone from people who has been shooting a bow all their life, to those who I helped shoot their first arrow. There was one kid that I helped shoot he had never shot before. He was so excited to pull that bow back for the first time. The magic of pulling back the string letting the arrow fly and hit the target.

O how I have forgot the magic of the arrows flight how it flies so gracefully thru the air to hit the target. That kid helped me remember the magic that I have forgotten, for so long it had it has become just putting the arrow on the target. I thank that kid for helping me remember the magic I have so long forgotten.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting Ready for Fishing Season

In Wisconsin fishing season starts on the first Saturday of May. So this time of year I like to get everything ready for the up coming open water to fishing season. I start by cleaning up and organizing all my tackle boxs.
You know how it gets messy you keep fishing and you don't take the time to clean it the right way. So that Is why I take the time now wen the ice is to thin and the open water season is closed.

I sharpen hooks that need sharpening. you know they get dull, it happens to you to they get caught on rocks and logs. I use a small sharpening stone to sharpen the the hooks. And I replace all the hooks that are bent, broken, or just in to bad of shape to be worth sharpening.

I also replace the line in all my reals. It is not worth losing a fish because the line is old and frade, wen it only takes a cupel minutes to change the line. Don't forget to clean out the inside of the real, it only takes a little sand to reck your real. But be careful don't clean your reals unless you know what you are doing it doesn't take long to reck a perfectly good real.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How close can you get.

Most bowhunters want to get close to what they are are hunting to make a clean kill. But is there a point that is to close? Watch these videos and tell me what you think.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Polls Are Closed

last night the poll Did You Get A Deer This Year? closed at midnight. Their were 14 people who voted, hear are the results.
5 (35%)
2 (14%)
2 (14%)
Did not get one
4 (28%)
Did not see any
1 (7%)

Thank you for everyone who voted. I am going to make another poll hope you vote.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Black Cloud Ammo

For the last three seasons I have been using Federal Ammunition's Black Cloud shot shells for hunting waterfowl. Black Cloud uses 40% Federals flight stopper steel and 60% premium steel. It also uses federals flight control wad.

Here is a link to a video that tells about Black Cloud.

I like Black Cloud, I think that it is better than any other non-toxic load I have ever shot. I feel it is worth paying more for it, because I don't cripple as many, or have to shoot them twice just to nock them down. I have folded geese at 75 yards with it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spring Fishing Blues

Lately I have been itching for some open water fishing. So I was looking through some pictures form last summer when I was up at Black Bear Lodge in Ontario Canada, and I came across this picture of 36" northern I caught. I know that that is not a very big northern, but it is the biggest one I have ever landed.

The day I caught this northern we fished in the morning, and caught some walleye but not many. So we went back for lunch. after lunch my partner did not want to go back out, so I went in the boat alone and met with some guys from our group about seven miles from camp. we where fishing a drop off that went from 28' to 52'. We where using night crawler harnesses set to float about a foot off the bottom. Every once and awhile we would pull up a walleye. I was back trolling and all of the sudden my line was screaming. It almost ran me out of line three times, I had to chase that fish with the boat. after about a half hour I finely was able to land the fish with one hand.

The fish wade 11 pounds, and I only had 8 pound test line and no leader. So I am proud of this fish even if it is not the biggest fish.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My effort to raise money for Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited does allot for wildlife and wetland conservation. So I feel that if you hunt ducks, geese, or just enjoy wetlands you should donate to Ducks Unlimited. Or you can take it to the next level and join DU.

click on the picture to go to my personnel fundraising page.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rabbit Hunt 2/1/09

Sunday I went hunting for rabbit hunting. We spent 3 hours hunting in 2 1/2 feet of snow. The snow was so deep that the rabbits ran away in tunnels under the snow. The one rabbit we got we stomped out a big patch of brush that was holding in up the snow. we stomped it out and and started talking about how we normally get allot of rabbits in the area we where hunting and a rabbit crawled out of the snow right in the middle of us.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Late Season Rabbits

Now that almost all hunting is over I have been hunting rabbits. Rabbit season in Wisconsin goes till Feb. 28. Since I do not have any ice fishing gear, I think that rabbits are a good way to pass the time in the winter. We will normally carry shotguns but every once and awhile I will carry a 22 rifle. What we do is we get some people together and we will walk threw the brush and the woods in a strait line like we where pheasant hunting but we do not use a dog. When a rabbit brakes cover if it is a safe shot we shoot it.

I would like to know what you do to pass the time in the winter whether it is rabbit hunting to snowmobiling. I would also like to hear your stories.