Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog Spotlight: The Rash Outdoor Chronicles

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles is written by Albert A Rasch. He wrights about everything that has to do with the outdoors, from his great hunting stories to his insightful product reviews. Albert doesn't just wright, his word choice really gets his point across to his readers. He also uses previews in his posts to intice the curiosity of his readers, like this one he used in his post Hunting Hogs on Horseback.

"I reached into my pocket and pulled a chocolate brown, plastic cased, thumb thick shell and dropped it into the ten gauge's chamber..."

This one really got me wanting to read the post.

Albert also does awesome series like Project "X" : Building Blake's Pirogue. In this series Albert writes about a home made Pirogue he was building and the process of how he built it. He also has sparked some great
discussions on some of his posts. My favorite discussion so fare is the discussion over high fence hunting, in his post Game Reserves, Preserve Hunting, High Fence Hunting, What are the Facts?.

Rasch Outdoor Chronicles is definitely one for you to put on your reading list.


  1. Thank You Caleb,

    That is a real nice review and commentary on The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles. I'm much obliged to you!

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  2. Yep Albert sure writes a great blog.

  3. Just found this blog today through another portal. I really enjoyed it! I'll be checking back.