Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slow Start to the Fishing Season

Saturday was the fishing opener, altho panfish and ruff fish are open all year round. I have been out a few times but no luck so far. I found out that I need to look at one of my reels the bail kept closing on me in mid cast, I lost 3 lures because of this. So I have to take look at my at the reel one of these days. All and all it has been nice to get out even thou I did not catch any thing yet, the wether has been worm and vary nice out.


  1. Stay with it, you'll catch some.

  2. I caught a 6 pound hybrid the other day that was spawning up the river, spring is my favorite time to fish! I hope you catch some big ones soon! Good luck!

  3. Rick I know that I will catch some, I think the reason that fishing has been slow is that all last week wether was reel inconsistent, we had lots of fronts come throu and one day it would be 75 degrees and the next would be 40 degrees.

    Adam Sounds like you had a fun fight, in my experience those hybrids put up a good fight.