Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog Spotlight: The Rash Outdoor Chronicles

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles is written by Albert A Rasch. He wrights about everything that has to do with the outdoors, from his great hunting stories to his insightful product reviews. Albert doesn't just wright, his word choice really gets his point across to his readers. He also uses previews in his posts to intice the curiosity of his readers, like this one he used in his post Hunting Hogs on Horseback.

"I reached into my pocket and pulled a chocolate brown, plastic cased, thumb thick shell and dropped it into the ten gauge's chamber..."

This one really got me wanting to read the post.

Albert also does awesome series like Project "X" : Building Blake's Pirogue. In this series Albert writes about a home made Pirogue he was building and the process of how he built it. He also has sparked some great
discussions on some of his posts. My favorite discussion so fare is the discussion over high fence hunting, in his post Game Reserves, Preserve Hunting, High Fence Hunting, What are the Facts?.

Rasch Outdoor Chronicles is definitely one for you to put on your reading list.

Monday, May 18, 2009

a Busy Weekend

This weekend was pretty busy. Saturday was the last day of 4H archery for the year. I ran a station in the woods at 2D animal targets. we shot all day, and had Johnsonville Brats and hamburgers for supper. it was a great time and every one had fun.

Yesterday I went to shoot state for high school trap. we shot 4 rounds of trap in a row, we went from one trap house to another. It was windy and every one on the team shot bad yesterday. I ended up with a 83 out of 100, compared to last weekend I shot a 91 out of 100. After we shot we grilled brats and hamburgers for lunch in the parking lot of the trap range with the hole team. After lunch a cupel of us went and shot some sporting clays. For those of you who don't know what sporting clays are, sporting clays is as close to hunting as you can get with clays. There are stations set up normally in the woods and heavy cover. And the targets are all sorts of different sizes and colors, throne at all sorts of angles, hights, and distance's, there is also a rabbit target that is a clay target throne on its side to make it role and bounce on the ground. There are stations that you have to shoot singles and stations that you have to shoot doubles. Sporting clays are normally 50 targets a round. My favorite station was one that had a rabbit angle away and a small bird angle in as a double. Out of everyone that shot sporting clays I was the high gun and I only had a 35 out of 50, but I did shoot at the last 10 targets with the gun over my head. The funny thing is that one of the guys that shot with us normally shoots 25 out of 25 wen he shoots trap and he ended up with a 19 out of 50 at sporting clays. sporting clays is allot of fun and I recommend that if you ever get the chance to shoot them that you do so, because it is allot of fun and great practice of hunting.

Sorry that I do not have any pictures I forgot the camera both days.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finely some fish

Today I grabbed my ultra-light and went fishing on the mullet river. The mullet river is a nice little river between 30 and 40 feet wide in most spots. I spent about a hour and a half fishing, and I caught 12 fish, 9 Rock bass, 2 Small Mouth bass, and 1 chub. I used a size 8 hook with a twister tale with a split-shot about 5 inches up on the line. This setup works good on the river because you can drag the split-shot across the bottom and rocks and the twister tale will float about 2 inches above the bottom.

Sorry I forgot the camera so no pictures.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slow Start to the Fishing Season

Saturday was the fishing opener, altho panfish and ruff fish are open all year round. I have been out a few times but no luck so far. I found out that I need to look at one of my reels the bail kept closing on me in mid cast, I lost 3 lures because of this. So I have to take look at my at the reel one of these days. All and all it has been nice to get out even thou I did not catch any thing yet, the wether has been worm and vary nice out.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Polls are closed

last night Aprils poll closed. the question was, Do you think that baiting deer should be banned? There where 15 people who voted. Here are the results of the poll.
8 (53%)
7 (46%)

Thank you for everyone who voted, your input is greatly appreciated. This months poll is Who makes the best riflescopes? If you choose other I would like to hear what it is so leave a comment here to let let me know. In fact if you ever want to comment on a poll go to the last polls are closed post and comment.