Friday, May 1, 2009

Polls are closed

last night Aprils poll closed. the question was, Do you think that baiting deer should be banned? There where 15 people who voted. Here are the results of the poll.
8 (53%)
7 (46%)

Thank you for everyone who voted, your input is greatly appreciated. This months poll is Who makes the best riflescopes? If you choose other I would like to hear what it is so leave a comment here to let let me know. In fact if you ever want to comment on a poll go to the last polls are closed post and comment.


  1. Good question Caleb!
    It depends upon what part of the country you are located in, and what type of terrain and hunting pressure's which you have to deal with.

    Out on the east coast where the under growth is so thick that spotting and stalking is near to impossible, I would have to say that Baiting and hunting over a feeder is acceptable.

    Here in the west where I am located, Baiting upon private land (where poaching is limited) is not needed. Baiting upon public lands where hunting (and Poaching) pressure is completely off the charts would be totally acceptable, and also is widely practiced but, not a Legal method of take!

    Just depends upon the situation at hand! Hunting Pressure, Type of Terrain, Private Land, Public Land,Laws Of The State etc. etc.

  2. P.S.
    Leupold has always done right by me, I am extremely clumsy and it is expected that I will fall at least once, during a hunting excursion.

    Leupold has always repaired or replaced my scopes and binoculars when I blunder into a "crashing" situation.

    Decent optic's that won't break the bank!