Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grouping the .22

The other day I sighted in my .22, and today I thought I would shoot a box of 50 shells In a target and see what kind of pattern I got. So I put up a target at 60 yards, and set up a shooting bench. There was about a 15 mph side wind so the bullets drifted left. The target is about 4 inches across. Not bad for a rifle that all I paid is 90 dollars for. I didn't know that a .22 could group like that. I wander what kind of group I could shoot if I put more money in to a .22?
Click on the image to enlarge, then you can see the target just to the right of the tree at the edge of the grass on a blue piece of foam that I staple targets to.


  1. Caleb,

    on 22s the crown is critical, as is the first inch of rifling closest to the muzzle. Trigger quality is important too.

    Next is the ammo. Some rifles shoot some brands better than others.

    I have more projects than you can shake a stick at, among them an old marlin that I want to refurbish. Cut the barrel down, bed the barrel at the breech end, build a new trigger assembly for it, etc. etc. Those kind of things will incrementally improve your accuracy potential of your rifle.

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  2. Albert the marlin you want to refurbish a model 25? thats what mine is.

  3. This doesn’t surprise me at all. My .22 Savage Mark II LR with accu trigger prints clover leafs out to 50 yards. Last month my wife shot that rifle for the first time and her groups were less than an inch at 50 yards. These little guns can be amazingly accurate, I use .22’s to hunt small game with a great deal of confidence.


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  4. My dad shoots 10 shot groups in the area of a dime with iron sights at 50 yards with his Winchester 9422. Also thanks for having me Caleb, I really appreciate it!