Saturday, April 25, 2009

Turkey Hunt Update Day 3

Sorry that I didn't post this last night but I was tired and went to bed.

I got setup by about about 5:00 yesterday morning. their isn't much to say about yesterday, I didn't see any turkeys. It was 80 degrees about 9:00, that was very hot to sit in. the fist to day it never got over 45 degrees. I stopped hunting at 11:00 and went home and got some my brothers and sisters and went fishing at a pond on the property I was hunting on.We didn't catch anything in the pond, so we walked down to the river that is about
75 yards away from the pond. At the river they caught some chubs. We spent the rest of the day fishing.

There was fish in the pond because I saw one. But there are quit a few turtles in the pond. Yesterday I caught a snapping turtle that was about 18 inches across, at the edge of the pond. I put him in the river.

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