Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why I Joined the Outdoor Bloggers Summit

I joined the OBS (Outdoor Bloggers Summit) to connect to other outdoor enthusiast and learn from other people on hunting, fishing, and just blogging because I am fairly new to blogging (my first post was on December 30, 2008). The OBS also has a grate wealth of blogs linked on the sight. You can find blogs on anything that has to do with the outdoors from outdoor photography to falconry. I am vary happy with my choice to join the OBS. I strongly recommend joining the OBS if you aren't already a member, and if you haven't been to the OBS sense april 2ed you should visit them now at the new sight is grate they aren't restricted to a single slide page like this one, it has new grate look as well.


  1. I happend to come across your blog and I like this post. I wasnt even aware there was an outdoor bloggers summit. If you have time, we have a similar blogs, visit mine is at I have a similar article on the baiting debate as well.

  2. Nice post, I am no expert but I would be happy to try and help you out if your stuck.

  3. Thanks Rick I will let you know if I ever need help