Friday, April 3, 2009

The Baiting Question

The Baiting question has been kicked around for a couple of years now. In Wisconsin there are some management zones that you can bait for deer, and some you cant. Most of the zones that you can’t bait in are zones that CWD (chronic wasting disease) has been found in, and the zones around them. But lately the state has been talking about banning baiting deer in the whole state. If this goes thru the only animal that you will be able to bait in Wisconsin is bear.

Baiting can be a vary effective way to hunt your desired game. There are many different ways to bait, and their many types of bait to use depending on the game you wish to hunt. The most common game animal baited is probably deer with corn or apples.

I am writing this to see what you guys and gals think about the subject. Do you think that baiting should be band? Should you only be able to bait only certain game animals? And what should we consider baiting, should we consider food plots baiting?


  1. Deer Killer; Food plots could be considered as baiting if there are no domestic animals turned loose in the fields, however to most wildlife officials the planting of food plots is seen as a way to help the wildlife through the winter months. Baiting to me is any food put out that is not grown by mother nature in her own way ( corn, apples, food plots, salt deposits, molasses and even hay ). Unless these foods are found growing in the wild , it to me is baiting. Baiting of any game animal should not be allowed as this is usually only done just before and during hunting season for the purpose of attracting and taking wild game. If baiting is to be banded on any wild game animals it should be banded on all wild game animals. Farmers raise crops for their livestock or for the co-op which is their way of life but most hunters plant food plots just for the purpose of attracting deer and other wildlife to the fields for hunting purposes only. Find yourself a farmer raising crops for his livestock or the co-op and these fields would not be considered baiting. Great article and bebate questions.

  2. lets ad this to the discussion: what about feeding? Do you think that it should be illegal to feed the animals for the in enjoyment of watching them?