Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Late Season Rabbits

Now that almost all hunting is over I have been hunting rabbits. Rabbit season in Wisconsin goes till Feb. 28. Since I do not have any ice fishing gear, I think that rabbits are a good way to pass the time in the winter. We will normally carry shotguns but every once and awhile I will carry a 22 rifle. What we do is we get some people together and we will walk threw the brush and the woods in a strait line like we where pheasant hunting but we do not use a dog. When a rabbit brakes cover if it is a safe shot we shoot it.

I would like to know what you do to pass the time in the winter whether it is rabbit hunting to snowmobiling. I would also like to hear your stories.


  1. I really enjoy rabit hunting also. In the woods I haven't seen a one all year that I had the chance to shoot at. And the ones I did see were shot by someone else. But I did get two around the house this year. The first I trailed around the yard for a half hour and shot twice at before I finally got it about 20 yards from the barn. The second one I shot in the barn. I had seen him in the barn the night before and then the next night I carried a .22 with birdshot load (for those of you who don't know what bird shot, it is a extra long .22 shell, it is crimped to hold in BB's the size of a large grain of sand). Then I cleaned the barn of the thevin' rodent (who was thickly imbeded in a pile of fence posts) from 3 feet away. Of course it wasn't a sporting shot, but I don't really care. That thar rascal was askin' for trouble when he come in the barn in the first place. That's my story, hope it's what you were looking for.

    Lee the Earthling

  2. This year I only saw two rabbits in are woods and I seen about three rabbits by the house but I havent craked off a shot at one yet this year and I only went rabbit hunting three times this year.

  3. Hey DK. I like ta hunt predaters in winter, n trap of course...

    Shootin rabbits er fun, too, but I think ther on a low cycle this winter. They were everywhere last winter, now none.

  4. Rabbit hunting is one of the most fun sports there are - with a well trained beagle.

    The dog will train himself to chase rabbits if they're any good, given a little time. Do your homework on how to train them to listen and most importantly make sure they are trained "deer proof". An electronic collar is the best for this. There's info all over the internet.

    There are alot more rabbits to chase than pheasants, which the beagle will do also. You'll have much more fun with a dog and get a lot more also. I usually get 30 or 40 rabbits a year myself and I enjoy taking my nephews.

    In addition they are great companions.