Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deer Season 2008

The wolves have done allot of damage to the deer herd where I hunt in Crivitz Wisconsin. I spent most of the nine day gun deer season there and did not see one deer. I was home for two days Monday and Tuesday and shot one on Tuesday and went back up to Crivitz and saw no deer. After gun deer I hunted muzzleloader season in Sheboygan Falls and saw deer almost every time out. I had one shot at one running threw the woods at about 40 yards and I missed. By the time I was loaded again it was gone.

That is why I'm writing this to get some input on other parts of the state. I want to know about the deer herd condition and what you think is affecting the deer where you hunt for good or bad. So comment on this post and let me know what you think.


  1. The problem is the DNR over doing their special Heard Control and Earn a Buck seasons. It just scares the deer silly and they go to game farms and the city. They need to learn this rhym: Shoot the bucks, spare the does. That's the way a good deer heard grows.

    Lee "The Earthling" Kohlmann

  2. Ya the deer are scared silly but not by the October antlerles only hunt or Earn a Buck because we are in a regular unit witch has no october hunt or Earn a Buck. As of last year there was a pack of 9 and pack of 12 wolves around the area we hunt.

  3. Thanks for the comment!

    I am in Idaho and my hunting has also been greatly diminished by wolves it is a huge problem. I first noticed it 4 years ago as my buddies and I hunted a spot we know very well. In the mornings we would climb to the top of a this mountin where we like to hunt usualy there are lots of Elk there, but all we would find is fresh wolf tracks. It has only gotten worse since then. One thing that is a bad indicator is that hunters are now seeing wolves regularly the wolves are getting brave and that is not good.

  4. Aaron did the DNR plant wolves and then get out of control or did they come in naturally? The wolves were coming in naturally by us but the the DNR came and started planting them.

  5. The wolves were planted. Not shore who the DNR is. But some bear huggers decided to reintroduce a species that had been eradicated once before. The results have been horrible for our wild life.Check out this link it explains our current situation.
    And then check out this link it shows wolf activity durring 2005 http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/wildlife/wolves/living/05_activity_map.pdf
    Compare it to this map of 2007 as see if you see any differenc in this 2 year period. http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/wildlife/wolves/living/07_activity_map.pdf

    It makes me so angry that people are so stupid.

    I had better get off my soap box.


  6. Aaron the DNR is Department of Natural Resources. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website is http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/ . I am pretty shore that Idaho has a DNR. Is the US Fish and Wildlife Service what controls most of Idaho? In Wisconsin the DNR is in control of most of Wisconsin.

  7. It wouldn't let me send this unless I'm anonymous so this is JONATHONWI. but anyways I hunt in Lanlade county Wisconsin and partly Alvin Wisconsin and these are two very different places to hunt. Although I got my only deer this year in Alvin the heard up there is very diminished. I know the wolves are to blame My grandfather owns a Cabin and 80 acres that were given to him by his grandfather and he has told me all kinds of stories about how many deer they would kill up there a year when he was youg but since the wolves had been intoduced there has been a great drop in the herd ever since.I hunt with my relitives and we stay in Alvin for most of the season in cabin. many of us rarely see deer there but we do heare coyotes and wolves verry frequently. and there has been many bear sighting there as well. As an example my uncle hasn't shot a deer in five years and was exited to see a blur of one this year. Another reason for the decrease is the growth in human population and killing habitat and too many doe tags are being released. In alvin your odds of seeing a buck are usually much greter than a doe. but when I hunt in langlade county I see many many does with few bucks. and both places are regular unity you can't shoot does in. last year I shot one buck and one doe with my gun in Langlade and also one with my bow. and my brother used all or most of his tags there but last year it was a herd control unit.

  8. I was under the impression that the DNR planted wolves. I was Informed that the DNR did not plant wolves in the state. Sorry I had false information.