Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting Ready for Fishing Season

In Wisconsin fishing season starts on the first Saturday of May. So this time of year I like to get everything ready for the up coming open water to fishing season. I start by cleaning up and organizing all my tackle boxs.
You know how it gets messy you keep fishing and you don't take the time to clean it the right way. So that Is why I take the time now wen the ice is to thin and the open water season is closed.

I sharpen hooks that need sharpening. you know they get dull, it happens to you to they get caught on rocks and logs. I use a small sharpening stone to sharpen the the hooks. And I replace all the hooks that are bent, broken, or just in to bad of shape to be worth sharpening.

I also replace the line in all my reals. It is not worth losing a fish because the line is old and frade, wen it only takes a cupel minutes to change the line. Don't forget to clean out the inside of the real, it only takes a little sand to reck your real. But be careful don't clean your reals unless you know what you are doing it doesn't take long to reck a perfectly good real.

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  1. I am excited about catching and eating crappie this year but like you I have alot to do to get ready and there is turkey hunting, and Tee ball with my son, and a honey do list. well I had better go I appear to be to busy to play on the computer.