Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time to Dust Off that Shotgun and Get Ready for Goose Season

With goose hunting in Wisconsin starting September 1st, its time to get out that shotgun and do some practice. Practice can make the difference between cleanly killing and harvesting a bird, and crippling one, or even missing all together.

I know that you have probably been shooting trap all summer, but you need to shoot at different angles from different positions. This will help you recognize different situations in the field and how to react to it.

If you hunt over decoys, it’s a good idea to set up your decoys and have the clays set so they land in the decoy spread like they are geese landing into your decoys. One thing to remember is that pieces of broken clay are going to be flying around, so I am going to say, do not do this without safety glasses. It will also be good Idea to not set up your good decoys because pieces of broken clay can damage your decoys. This can be vary fun and great practice if you do it right.

Practicing from your blind in your full hunting gear so you get use to the feel and positions you use when you hunt. This is probably the most important thing to do when practicing your shooting for your hunt.

Patrice at home before the season opens is a good idea because you cripple fewer birds, and it cheaper to practice at home with trap load and clay targets that cost $0.23 a shell, than in the field shooting at geese with shells that cost $1.00 a shell.


  1. Never goose hunted but this but it sounds like you have good tips.

  2. Oh man, waterfowl season starts here in five days. Thousands of geese on the alfalfa fields everywhere. When they take flight the sky darkens. I better got quick and do some warm up shooting and practice my goose calling. This is going to be fun.