Saturday, July 4, 2009

Polls are closed

On Wednesday the poll Did You Get a Turkey this Spring? closed I would have to say that I was hoping that more people had better luck than me this spring. There were 14 people who voted hear are the results.

Did not get one- 9 (64%)

1- 1 (7%)

2- 0 (0%)

3+- 0 (0%)

Did not Hunt- 4 (28%)

Did not pull a tag (for places that- 0 (0%)
have a drawing for turkey tags)

This months poll is What is your favorite kind of fresh water fish to fish for?


  1. My favorite fresh water fish to fish for is stripers. They get huge!

  2. Adam,
    I never even thought to put them on the list.
    Thanks for the input.